A New Kind of User Experience

Say what you want from the start

Assemble Your Profile
Sign-up for a NOIZ Profile; add your personal info, interests and preferences. Verify the information you provide to make your data more valuable and to tell brands what interests you actually have.
Own Your Data
People and brands only know what you let them know. You have complete control over the information you share with others, and you are awarded NOIZ credits each time you grant access to your data.
Boost Your Experience
Verifying and controlling your information puts you in command of the digital media content you see. Your online experience is no longer determined solely by clicks, but rather by what you tell brands you want.

Verify Your Info

Users can upload images to support the interests and personal information listed in their NOIZ profiles.
Doing so earns the users verification points.

Friends can then be invited to further validate interests, personal info and images through likes, comments and even emoticons. The more validation a user’s profile has, the more verification points he or she will earn.

Figure showing Noiz ecosystem Noiz points and redeem system

Verification Points & User Experience

Verification points are broken down by category, so as your verification points grow for a specific interest, like travel, you will receive higher quality, more value-adding travel-related ads and media.

This creates personalized content delivery that is determined by you, the consumer, not NOIZ and not the brands.

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