Have you ever found yourself getting swept up in the flow of a bustling city? Perhaps you have lost your own pace and even control of life just because you dare not defy the rules. The Dare Helmet is an NFT collection on NOIZ Chain that awakens your true self and frees you from the mundane.

Put on the Dare Helmet and be transported to the exotic and uncharted metaverse lands. You’ll go on one-of-a-kind quests with a team of fearless explorers to restore the bravery that lies within.

Push your limits further than ever before with the Dare Helmet. Blaze a new trail in Metaverse.

Start from US$29.99

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Helmet on. Ride beyond.


Take a personality test to find the Dare Helmet that reveals the real you.

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Experience the Dare Helmet and feel the speed in the metaverse.

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Meet the Dare Squad at the Rove army camp.

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Go on quests and play to earn more Dare Helmets, cyberware, weapons, skillsets and playstyles.

PHASE I - MAY 2022
Craft Your Own Dare Helmet - (We are here!)
Sometimes you don't know your heart's desire until you are on the path to self-discovery. That's why taking a personality test on this event page is the only way for you to order and mint a unique edition of the Dare Helmet that fits your true and hidden personality, strengths, and weaknesses.
The Dare Helmet is now open for pre-order sales, with 4,000 Dare Helmets in four varieties in Phase I, in which there are 1,000 NFTs for each type. To kick off our new NFT collection and let more players get their hands on a Dare Helmet, we're launching with a promo and letting everyone own a Dare Helmet for just US$29.99. Craft yours now!
Make sure you follow us on Instagram and Discord so you won't miss a beat to secure your NFT collections through airdrops. The NFT items can only be purchased on this event page at this stage. After all NFTs are sold up, adventurers are able to trade and swap on NOIZ Marketplace.
PHASE II - Q3 2022
Feel the speed in the metaverse
Once you have your Dare Helmet on from the NOIZ Beam Wallet, you will be transported to the exotic and uncharted metaverse lands, blazing a trail and finding the speed you need in your life! Together with other adventurers of different Dare Helmets, you will form a Dare Squad and bond with each other at Discord.
PHASE III - Q4 2022
Go on quests with the Dare Squad
After the metaverse world is ready, you and your Dare Squad will travel to the virtual world of Rove and embark on various quests. There, you'll restore the lost parts of yourself. Play to earn and equip yourself with more Dare Helmet editions, cyberware, skill sets, playstyles and other NFT collectibles.
PHASE IV - Q2 2023
Battle and search for other universes
As the adventure unfolds, your Dare Squad will battle with other squads for additional NFT collections. Accomplish higher-level missions to unlock more collections, and expand your experience to new metaverse territories and enlarge your squad.


Find out which Dare Helmet you belong to and mint it.

Adventurers, march on! Through the thrilling unknown, all you can rely on is your instincts and bravery within.
One evening, you are sent by your Dare Squad to go on a quest and explore the desolate desert alone. All is silent. You trudge through the darkness to your destination.
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