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About our tokens

Why Choose NOIZ?

NOIZ tokens are the reward for your lifestyle data. NOIZ tokens incentivize user engagement. NOIZ tokens can be redeemed for special offers, making the world a better place in the process.
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Token Features

Redeem Tokens
Redeemed tokens earn you special offers and are donated to social impact organizations. Reward for you and the world!
Data Marketplace
Consumers can sell their lifestyle data on the NOIZ cross-chain ledger system to monetize their data on a whole new level.
Consensus Voting
Down vote other actors or actors' content in the NOIZ ecosystem to help keep the platform free of spam and fraud.
Proof of Stake
Stake your votes and content with NOIZ tokens to indicate with certainty that your decisions meet the standards of the NOIZ community.

Token Economics

Advertisers use NOIZ tokens to create NIKOLA-powered cognitive ads, purchase ad space and acquire consumer lifestyle data.

Publishers use NOIZ tokens to gain access to consumer lifestyle data.

Consumers interact with NIKOLA in cognitive ads and share their lifestyle data to earn NOIZ tokens. Consumers then redeem tokens for special offers.

Redeemed tokens are then donated to social impact organizations, which sell the NOIZ tokens back to advertisers to start the process all over again.

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Total token supply


Tokens for sale


Type of token

Token Allocation

  • 45% Total Tokens
  • 20% Reserves
  • 8% Advisors
  • 2% Community Growth
  • 10% Charitable Foundation
  • 15% Founding Team


Our Strategy and Project Plan



Q4 2018
- Cognitive ad live
- Token sale
- Partnership with GoImpact


Q1 2019
- NOIZ wallet live
- Lifestyle Personas live
- Cognitive ad with blockchain live
Q3 2019
- Cross-chain exchange active
- NOIZ team expansion
- Link to UNDP's SDGs


Q1 2020
- Proof of Stake active
- KOL verification platform
- Link to external data accounts
Q3 2020
- Hyper-targeting audiences
- Expansion of global clients
- Publisher network established

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