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NOIZ in one minute

NOIZ is a decentralized ad network that aims to give control of advertising back to the community, while eliminating fraud, driving engagement and empowering social impact organizations.

NOIZ in one minute

NOIZ is a decentralized ad network that aims to give control of advertising back to the community, while eliminating fraud, driving engagement and empowering social impact organizations.

See how the cognitive ad works; watch video below.

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NOIZ in one minute

NOIZ is a decentralized ad network that aims at giving control of advertising back to the community, while eliminating fraud, driving engagement and including social impact organizations. NOIZ can be classified into the following parts:

Cognitive Banners for Better Engagement
An AI enabled banner ad, known as Nikola, generates more engagement among consumers and gives advertisers direct access to this engagement. Ad interactions are recorded over the blockchain for transparency.

P2P Ad Exchange
Advertisers and publishers can connect directly and buy / sell ad inventory over the platform. The NOIZ community sets the standards for quality content by voting against advertisers with bad business ethics, or publishers involved in plagiarism or fake news.

Automatic Airdrop and Rewards Wallet
Advertisers airdrop tokens to consumers for product discounts (coupons), loyalty (reward points) or simply for engaging with the banner ads. The NOIZ wallet allows users to collect these crypto coupons and reward points, which can be redeemed through the offering party or NOIZ partner companies.

Permissioned Privacy Protection
NOIZ gives users control of their private data and users get compensated in NOIZ tokens for sharing their data with the advertisers and publishers they trust.


What are Spambots?

Spambots are one of today’s biggest sources of advertising fraud. Their actions drastically lower the ROI for advertisers in the current digital advertising industry. It is estimated that spambots will consume more than $19B USD of ad spend in 2018, making it the largest type of financial crime on the internet.

What is a Cognitive Ad?

Ever seen talking, interactive ads portrayed in a futuristic sci-fi movie? Those are cognitive ads; they’re smart and learn consumer preferences. They also allow consumers to engage directly with brands or products. This increases overall engagement with the ads and speeds up the consumer decision-making process.

Token Economics

This video explains how NOIZ can be used throughout the NOIZ ad network and how advertisers, publishers, consumers and social impact organizations will play a part in this ecosystem.


Highly interactive banners
Community based consensus
Airdrop based Ads for rewards / coupons with redemption options
Established Ad Network


NOIZ Team has been working on this project for more than 2 years now and finally has a few prototypes to share. Feel free to checkout 3 different prototypes, running in different development threads, lead by 3 separate teams that are making it possible.

NOIZ Development


2016 Q1

Hybrid Mobile Marketplace is Created

A framework on how mobile advertising operates is set up by combining premium and performance advertising into a new hybrid mobile marketplace

2016 Q2

Guaranteed Clicks on Mobile Initiative, Premium Advertising PRIME, and DARTS Data Analytics Launched

Initiate big data analytics re-targeting solution that increases the total value of the inventory for marketers The new approach increases the average click-through rate by 65% and gains higher yields for both the publishers and advertisers

2016 Q3

Design NLP/ Cognitive Ad

Develop market leading innovative projects using strong NLP backend and cognitive ads technology

2016 Q4

Artificial Intelligence Multi-language Rollout

AI engine trained and tested on food inventory of 1.5 million restaurants, tested with 87% accuracy across multiple languages

Artificial Intelligence Multi-domain Rollout

Trained and tested on e-Commerce inventory of 40,000 products across several concepts

Artificial Intelligence Deep Domain Rollout

Trained on call center conversations for over 4,000 products and 1,000 elite clients to assist human workforce and business efficency

2017 Q1

NLP (Natural Language Processing) V1 Launched

Better understanding of sentence structure extendable to some paragraphs

2017 Q2

Video First View Ad Network Launched

Curates selected premium mobile app and web inventories that comply with brand safety and can achieve viewable impressions

2017 Q3

Alcanzar Launched

Safety-first demand side platform (DSP) with brand-protection strategy in place to safeguard advertisers’ brands from appearing next to unsafe content

2017 Q4

NLP V2 Launched

Better understanding of non-dictionary words and variations, tested over multiple languages

Chatbot Framework V2 Launched

Support of more conversational cognitive ad

2018 Q1

Cognitive Ad Framework V1 Launched

Rules and click navigation based cognitive ad network integrated with automated data digestion from web crawlers and documents on cloud

Market Launch of Asia’s Leading Bank’s First Lifestyle Cognitive Ad

Cognitive ad with connection to admin platform with strong AI and NLP support, compatible with English and Chinese Linked to 3,000+ linked merchants with full control on content updates, 2.95M interactions and 50,000 unique users since launch


We use AI and Blockchain to fight banner blindness, increase transparency and create trust between advertisers, publishers and consumers. Select the Advertiser, User or Publisher perspective to view specific problems, solutions and results.





  • Inefficient ad spend

  • Low engagement and brand loyalty

  • Lack of trust towards publishers & ad networks


  • Secure, transparent blockchain ledger

  • Cognitive ad templates for various  industries

  • NOIZ token incentivizes engagement


  • Valid user data on a secure system that cannot be inflated by bot traffic

  • Save money and time creating ads

  • Rewards lead to higher engagement and motivate users to redeem tokens


  • Bombardment of ads at inconvenient times

  • Improper targeting, irrelevant ads

  • No incentive to click or even look at ads


  • AI monitors user ad preferences

  • Interactive ads

  • NOIZ token incentive


  • Unwanted ads are limited, improving user experience

  • Accurate targeting

  • Users are rewarded for sharing their data


  • Lack of transparency

  • Difficulty retaining advertisers

  • Inaccurate ROI


  • Transparent blockchain platform

  • Accurate marketing data

  • Cognitive ads that prevent fraud traffic


  • Filter out bot traffic for genuine reports

  • Provide advertisers with immediate, valid user data

  • Decentralized network lowers cost of each ad

How Our Tokenomics Works


The NOIZ platform is a digital ad exchange—the middleman between advertisers and publishers. NOIZ is also the name of the token that incentivizes user engagement and is distributed among advertisers, publishers and charitable foundations in addition to users.


Nikola is the friendly AI bot behind the cognitive ads, collecting, authenticating and sorting user data. Nikola uses a hybrid AI system; one form of AI to filter out spam-bot-like user actions and another to integrate with NLP technology for improved the cognitive ad conversations.

Charitable Foundations

The NOIZ network, advertisers, publishers and users can all directly donate to charitable foundations of their choosing. When users redeem coupons, their tokens will go to charitable foundations rather than back to the advertisers or publishers.


Advertisers pay a digital ad fee to receive NOIZ tokens, which are then used to pay for ad creation, ad space and user engagement. To increase user engagement, the advertiser has the option to offer coupons. When users redeem coupons, the users’ tokens will go to charitable foundations.


Publishers are media rich sites with high traffic volume. They receive NOIZ tokens in exchange for their advertising space. Publishers can exchange, keep, donate or use their tokens. In the case of using them, publishers pay tokens to users in return for user data. Publishers can also receive tokens from users in exchange for coupons on services, such as subscription fees.


Users are people who view the cognitive ads on publisher sites. Users receive NOIZ tokens by engaging with the cognitive ads. Every piece of data, or intent, the user provides is sent to the advertiser. Users can determine what personal information—age, gender, location—is delivered to advertisers and publishers. Users can exchange, keep, donate or redeem their tokens.

We are a team of advertising veterans, coming from top ad agencies like Dentsu and Ogilvy, with a collective experience of 300+ years in the industry.

Core Team

Andy ann
Andy ann

Chief Executive Officer

Andy has 17+ years’ experience in digital media. He is the Founder and CEO of NDN Group in addition to being a serial entrepreneur and angel investor.

David Kang
David Kang

Chief Strategy Officer

David has 15+ years’ experience in data analytics. He is a Partner of NDN Group, General Partner of hedge fund XNInsight and also Founder of

Ricky Goswami
Ricky Goswami

Chief Technology Officer

Ricky has 18+ years’ experience in digital technology. He is a Co-founder and the CEO of Parini and also a Co-founder of Smarter Codes.

 Kelvin Cheung
Kelvin Cheung

Chief Research and Development Officer

Kelvin has 20+ years’ experience in system design and software development. He has previously worked with AxePay, FCB Canada and the Canadian Space Agency.

Keith Chow
Keith Chow

Chief Operations Officer

Keith has 14+ years’ experience in media. He is the Co-founder and COO of Hotmob and Creator of Alcanzar.

Adam Turner
Adam Turner

Head of Brand Development

Adam has 10+ years’ experience in commercial and consulting roles and is the Director of Victual Consulting. He has previously worked with General MIlls, Mars/Wrigley, Samworth Brothers and Greencore.

Ryan Leung
Ryan Leung

Business Development Director

Ryan has 8+ years’ experience in e-Commerce and marketing automation. He previously worked for Emarsys and ChannelAdvisor and is now leading Business Development for NDN Group.

Michelle Yau
Michelle Yau

Marketing Director

Michelle has 11 years’ experience in marketing. She previously worked at Leo Burnett and Fairton International Group and is now managing NDN Group’s marketing strategy.

Connor Doyle
Connor Doyle

Marketing Technologist

Connor has 5 years’ experience in digital marketing. He previously worked in-house for several B2B companies and freelanced on several B2C campaigns; he is now managing digital projects for NDN Group.

Michael Lopatniuk
Michael Lopatniuk

Multimedia Manager

Michael has 5 years’ experience in brand management. He previously worked at the United Nations, European Parliament and has freelanced for TOMS, and the BBC.

Wing Siu
Wing Siu

Creative & UX/UI Designer

Wing has 5+ years’ experience in digital design. She currently works for New Digital Noise, where she has worked on projects for Strongbow, JollyShandy, Fuijifilms, Tempo and China Mobile HK.


Alan Rutherford
Alan Rutherford

Global Chairman of Media, Ebiquity

Alan has 30+ years’ experience in media. He was previously the Global CEO of DGITAS, Global Head of Media Services for Unilever and a founder of ‘the Network, Ogilvy’s media arm and forerunner to WPP’s Mindshare.


Managing Director, IPG Reprise Media China

Alvin has 20+ years’ experience as a senior internet and mobile media executive and entrepreneur in the Asia Pacific. He has previously worked as the Head of Mobility & Innovation at Omnicom Media Group and the Head of Mobile for Google China.

Keda Che
Keda Che

Founder, Universal Labs

Keda has years of experience in software development, cryptography and blockchain technology. He was a member of the Blockchain Research Lab, cosponsored by Harvard University, Citi and NASDAQ; he has since provided blockchain consulting services to Alibaba and Baidu.

Nick Chan MH
Nick Chan MH

Partner, Squire Patton Boggs

Nick has 20+ years’ experience in technology law and has been named in AsiaLaw Leading Lawyers since 2004. He is most frequently involved in the improvement and implementation policies for the creation, protection, commercialization and transfer of impactful knowledge.