NOIZ |The First Project to list on Binance DEX 2020

January 18, 2020

World's 1st Cognitive Ad powered by AI and blockchain technologies to eliminate ad fraud

Empowered by cutting edge, blockchain technology aimed to reduce ad fraud, NOIZ has created the first-ever, cognitive advert that combines AI and blockchain technologies for global enterprises and customers to interact with online ads, messaging apps and the NOIZ platform.

A technological breakthrough in the advertising industry that has been shaken to the core, NOIZ’s Cognitive Ad reinvents a whole new ecosystem that helps enterprises and brands remake the customer experience, driving the huge payoff for digital initiatives and accentuating the real value of advertising spend.  "Estimates show in 2019, ad fraud cost the industry over US$20 billion. 2020 is the perfect year for the ad industry to be disrupted. NOIZ has the potential to be a leading player to help eliminate ad fraud and bring more value to traditional forms of advertising", said David Kim, CEO of Blue Block (formerly PwC). 

About NOIZ

We are an AI and blockchain communication platform that allows brands and consumers to chat with one another directly in online ads, messaging apps and the NOIZ app. Conversions are made faster, ads can be equipped with payment gateways, conversations are turned into valuable insight and consumers can comfortably surf the web.

Leveraging massive consumer data and a powerful AI-engine to build industry-specific ads that are easy to implement and customize. Its ready-to-go and pre-configured dialogues allow advertising campaigns to run smarter, engage customers faster and improve conversions over 300%.

“For NOIZ, I am truly thrilled to see how we made great strides in the past six months. Not only is the Cognitive Ad solution accepted by Binance, but it also pushes through such a broken advertising industry and applies cognitive elements into ads to mitigate ad fraud. It has helped boost conversion rates of display ads through fostering genuine customer dialogues and fascinating experiences.’’ said Mr Andy Ann, CEO of NOIZ.

“We encountered numerous hurdles in the course of our development roadmap and daunting challenges posed by publishers and on data privacy. Yet, our team have proved their capabilities to hustle through hundreds of compliance challenges and tackled all insurmountable obstacles.”

To incentivize customers to interact with the Cognitive Ad, NOIZ rewards customers with a token in return for their engagement. Advertiser will have higher ROI as a result of increased engagement from the ad that is catered to each customer uniquely.

With considerable flexibility in the content design, global enterprises can embed sales and e-commerce elements into the dialogues, attracting customers to make a purchase on the spot.

“We envision that NOIZ unleashes a new era in the advertising industry for unleashing powerful functionalities of verifying users via intents dialogues, distributing loyalty points through ad networks, recording transactions and having all the data decentralized. All transactions are seamlessly completed within a one-to-one dialogue.” Mr. Ann said.

Banking, finance, insurance and e-commerce and many other industries have been eager for such a distinctive ecosystem to foster customer engagement, connecting the last mile online and through mobile with a deep real conversation. It initiates CPI (cost per intent) and lowers CPM (cost per mille impressions) as well as CPC (cost per click) that the analytical NOIZ Dashboard tracks all the performance, transactions and generates data on actionable insights over customers’ behaviour.

“We have applied Machine Learning to learn more about how humans interact with machines and offer the preferences that are what customers exactly desire,” said Mr Ann. “NOIZ is defining an exemplary benchmark in the industry and it will be a game-changer in the blockchain and crypto industries.”

“Our NOIZ team has been dedicated to bridging the business world with real showcases in the blockchain technology and striving to reimage the future of advertising. 2020 is set as a new venture year. We will be devoted to cutting through the noise in the market and delivering offers that are amazingly captivating and innovative.”

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