NOIZ Leverages NDN Group’s Partnership with IBM Blockchain.

July 9, 2019

NDN Group, a digital incubator and partner of NOIZ, is also a member of the IBM PartnerWorld Community. NDN Group drives clients, interested in blockchain, to the NOIZ platform.

NOIZ gives these clients and its users the option to choose which blockchain protocol they would like to use when storing and sharing information across the NOIZ network.

Among these blockchains is the IBM Blockchain and Hyperledger, a blockchain protocol where IBM is a collaborative partner.

IBM Reputation

The IBM Blockchain carries a level of trust that many other blockchain protocols do not. This should come as no surprise, as the companies that formed IBM have been in the machine computing game since machine computing was possible.

IBM has developed and maintained a reputation of excellence since for almost a century now, and therefore, brands trust IBM.

With the rollout of IBM’s blockchain, industries are opening up their doors to the idea of integrating their computer systems with blockchain technology.

Hyperledger Collaboration

IBM is also a contributor to the Hyperledger project, which was originally started by the Linux Foundation in 2015. Other contributors to Hyperledger include Intel and SAP Ariba.

Here’s a video on how NOIZ is using Hyperledger to create permission-based blockchain networks: What is Hyperledger and why is NOIZ using it?

Marketing & Advertising Clients through NOIZ

One such industry that’s most keen to give this blockchain thing a try is that of Online Media. Online Media consists of social media channels, marketing promotions, advertisements, sales and communication.

That’s a lot of information for the Online Media industry, and quite a bit of it is meant to be private, safe from evil-doers.

NOIZ will be giving media clients the opportunity to store their information on the IBM Blockchain, and in doing so, revolutionizing the Online Media industry.

Start Using IBM Blockchain for Your Brand

Get in touch with the NOIZ team today by emailing to find out how you can start leverage NOIZ’s connection with IBM Blockchain.

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