NOIZ Partners with Brilliant Protocol Harmony (ONE) for Fast TPS

June 7, 2019

NOIZ is constantly looking for partners that not only make NOIZ a better project, but also have a goal to make the world a better place, and that is why NOIZ is happy to announce partnership with blockchain protocol Harmony (ONE).

This strategic play is happening at a time in the NOIZ project as more cognitive marketing campaigns are being serviced on behalf of clients. One of the key features that NOIZ provides marketers is the option to choose which blockchain protocol they wish their digital assets to be secured in.

Harmony is one of the best possible options a marketer could choose. With an amazing node network, Harmony is both secure and fast. Some boast a TPS speed of 10,000. It is a fully sharded chain, sharding transactions validation, network communication and the state of the blockchain. It is a more scalable protocol than most because it can parallelly process transactions across the shards.

There are many security issues that arise due to the sharding feature, but Harmony has set a number of rules in place to prevent attackers from hurting the Harmony ecosystem. From resetting node-shard memberships every over given periods of time to assigning random numbers to nodes when they’re created, Harmony is ensuring that each shard created maintains a high level of security.

One of the most core strengths to the Harmony project is it’s team. The founding team are all veteren Silicon Valley engineers. Having Degrees from UPenn, Havard and Stanford they also secured jobs at Amazon, Google, and Apple in their earlier days. They are the brilliant minds aiming to change the world with blockchain technology.

With a core concept of “Open Consensus for 10B” they hold the lofty goal of getting every person on this planet to use their software, and what's more, it’s real decentralization. This is one of the key reasons Harmony is such an attractive protocols for so many DApp projects.

Additionally, Harmony has a large and growing community helping it thrive across the globe. Helping to speed this growth rate was Harmony’s lottery on the Binance Launchpad. Binance has some of the highest trading volume of any major exchange. With Harmony tradeable on Binance, it’s able to leverage off the Binance community. As big as this is for Harmony, it’s also great news for NOIZ, because holders of Harmony ONE will easily be able to purchase NOIZ.

The driving force behind the Harmony team is their down-to-earth vision of a better world. They are building a new global-scale infrastructure and NOIZ is going to be a part of it.

With impact being a driving force behind NOIZ, it is with Harmony’s help that real impact is possible.

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