NOIZ Chat Campaigns Filter Ad Fraud & Increase Engagement

June 13, 2019

Online marketing campaigns can be dreadfully annoying for many industry professionals.

On one hand, data is skewed by ad fraud attacks, so much so that ad fraud is estimated to consume US $45 billion in 2019 alone. On the other hand, current engagement measurements—clicks, impressions and views—provide little context into the consumer’s reason for engaging, the initial interest.

Imagine having clean data and imagine knowing the “why.” This is the power of NOIZ marketing campaigns.

As an added bonus, chat campaigns serviced through NOIZ partner NDN Group have seen an increase in engagement of up to 300%.

With current banner ads generating less than 1% click-through-rates, NOIZ chat features are here to start pushing up genuine clicks and engagement not only on ads, but marketing campaigns as a whole.

How NOIZ Cleans the Data

A cognitive marketing campaign is one that uses AI to learn from user interactions and improve upon itself based on what it learns.

In this same fashion, AI within these ads are also learning how to spot suspicious activity, filtering out the fraudulent traffic of clickbots and improving it’s anti-fraud capabilities more and more over time.

Additionally, NOIZ cognitive ads will be rewarding consumers with NOIZ points when they engage with NOIZ campaigns and choose to share their data. To use NOIZ points, consumers will need to complete a KYC process, which is nearly impossible for a bot to fake.

Through both the AI monitoring and the KYC process, advertisers in the NOIZ ecosystem receive reports consisting of genuine customer data.

How NOIZ Increases Engagement

Aside from the use of incentivization through NOIZ points, NOIZ campaigns increase consumer engagement by giving consumers the ability to communicate.

Consumers want to be heard today; they want to be part of the decision making that goes into the experiences they have, and why shouldn’t they be?

For too long, communication between brands and consumers has been tedious, time consuming and annoying. Now, NOIZ is opening up communication channels all across the customer journey. From ads to webpages, emails and more, NOIZ is making sure consumers have the ability to start chatting with brands whenever and wherever they want.

Giving consumers this ability to converse increases engagement in and of itself. Adding multiple options to initiate the conversation (ie. Do you like salty or sweet snacks better?) opens up even more opportunities for consumers to engage because now a single campaign can be personalized for multiple audiences.

Create Your NOIZ Campaign Today

Banner ads have upgraded from JPG and PNG files to GIFs, which is a step in the right direction, but marketers looking to leap ahead of competition need to start using interactive NOIZ ads that sync up with larger-picture marketing campaigns.

Give the NOIZ banner ad a try:

If interested in learning more about NOIZ marketing campaigns or even having one of your own created, be sure to check out the NOIZ Advertiser page.

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