NOIZ Re-energized with Red

August 13, 2019

Color plays an important role in a brand’s image. It stems from the concept of color psychology. As humans, when we see a color, we associate emotions with that color. Yellow is optimistic, blue is trustworthy, green is peaceful and red is excitement!

Source: Huffpost

The previous NOIZ logo flaunted the colors of green and blue to put emphasis on the mission of the NOIZ project, which is to provide consumers with a more enjoyable and trusting online experience.

However, in recent months, NOIZ has made some BIG achievements, from integrating NOIZ ads with different software—like Google Dialogflow and WhatsApp for Business—to listing on CoinMarketCap. NOIZ is breaking some exciting ground.


To match this excitement, NOIZ has launched the new logo with the color red. Red is for making noise and getting loud, and that’s what NOIZ all about. Purple brings out the creativity in all of us to produce online media experiences that rock this world. Join the NOIZ movement and pump up the volume.

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