Design a Dialogue to Earn 150 NOIZ & Have a Chance at WINNING 1000 NOIZ

June 13, 2019

By successfully participating in the NOIZ Dialogue Competition you will receive 150 NOIZ.

Choose between three categories to create your dialogue, or give all three categories a go (details below).
Dialogues should be created using You can use as an application in your Google Drive as well.
Once complete, you’ll be able to submit your dialogues here.

We will select the best dialogues from each category and the winners will be awarded 1000 NOIZ.
Successful participants will be contacted to complete a KYC form before receiving their points.


The competition will run from Thursday, June 13th, at 7:00pm (GMT+8), to Friday, June 21st, at 7:00pm (GMT +8).

After the final submission date (June 21st), we will take up to two weeks to evaluate the dialogues. Winners will be announced in your official Telegram channel and contacted via email no later than Friday, July 5th, at 7:00pm (GMT +8).

Successful participants and winners will receive a NOIZ KYC form link, via email, to complete before points can be received.

To successfully participate in this campaign, challengers must meet the following requirements:

Create a complete dialogue flow

  • A complete dialogue must contain at least 10 interactions and meet the objective (see below for objective details)
  • Each interaction needs to include 1 question and 1 set of responses (eg. Question: Would you rather have a hot tub or bathtub in your room? Response: Bathtub)
  • Each question and response should use the correct container symbol that is referenced in the legend (ie. question is a rectangle, text response is a diamond, multiple choice option is a rhombus ). Sample link:

The file should be exported as a JPG, PNG, or PDF and then uploaded to the submission form.

Categories & objectives (you’re allowed one submission per category):

Category 1: E-Commerce

Objective: User places an order by providing credit card details


  • An e-commerce company wants a chat campaign to assist in the online user experience.
  • The typical customer wants to find more information before making a purchase.
  • Use a real-life example of your choice be sure to include references on the same file or in a separate document.

Category 2: Event Registration

Objective: User registers through email address or phone number


  • An event wants to get more registered attendees and help with customer inquiries.
  • The typical customer has enough information to be interested and an initial desire to register.

Category 3: Restaurant

Objective: User makes a booking, or food order, using name and phone number.

  • A high-end restaurant is looking for a chat campaign to increase bookings and take-out orders.
  • There are two types of customers that come onto the chat:
    • Type 1: A returning customer that wants to either make a booking or find out if there are new dishes or promotions.
    • Type 2: A first time customer, looking to learn more about the restaurant before coming in for their first visit or order.
  • Keep in mind there may be customers making reservations for special occasions and may want additional services (violinist playing at the table).


What’s being judged?

Did participant’s dialogue meet the objective?
How realistic is the dialogue?
How creative is the dialogue?

Now let your creative juices flow, and have fun!


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